Care Packages

We care about the welfare of the low income and vulnerable women who enter into our program and we listen as they tell us some of the barriers they face as they work to transition to self-sufficiency, and an empowered life. We help support them with Care Packages to ease the burden of financial constraints on their families. As lone women and single moms with single income households the Care Packages are needed and appreciated. As they learn, train and put into action the skills they developed the positive transformation is remarkable.

The Care Packages can consist of but not limited to:

  • Clothing & Accessories donated by Guess Inc.
  • Fresh Food Gift Cards to purchase healthy food for themselves and their children
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Cards to purchase basic necessities: Toiletries, Personal Hygiene Products, etc.
  • Care Package also includes Journals, training binders and papers
Once the women graduate and are ready for stable and gainful employment we work with Dress For Success who supplies each participant with business attire which includes clothing, accessories and shoes.