Together We Make A World of Difference!

If you want to fundraise for our wonderful cause here’s where to start.

Become an ‘Angel In action’ for the New Beginnings Support Program and join a community of committed and caring people who care enough to get involved bringing awareness and raising funds to make a difference in the lives of women and children in need.

Do you have any Questions? Please feel free to contact us at or (416) 260-8465

Hosting a fundraising event for the New Beginnings Support Program is a great way to get involved, and be active in making a difference for families in need. No event is too small or too big, we appreciate it all! You can organize marathons, community BBQs, golf tournaments, yard sales to galas, let your imagination take over. Once you decide on what you want to do, it is time to create your Campaign!

Start a Fundraising Page is also a great way to help the cause of improving lives one family at a time. If you just want to fundraise without hosting an event this a great way to do that.

Start a Fundraising Page

  1. Go to
  2. Decide whether or not you would like to set a goal
  3. Create Your page
    Customize your page to tell your story and let people know why you are fundraising
  4. Spread the word: Social Media – Facebook
    Collect donations to reach your goal and make a difference for families in need
  5. Change Lives

It takes only minutes to create your own page

Create Page

Please follow the instruction (no worries it is easy)!