Who We Are

New Beginnings Support Program is a charitable agency that helps restructure the lives of low-income and underserved women. Our holistic program serves a diverse population including those who identify as a LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, refugee, or have aged out of the foster care system.

At New Beginnings Support Program we empower women to become self-confident, career-oriented and employable.

Our program decreases the number of women who live below the poverty line. Be ‘work-ready’ with New Beginnings Support Program. Develop a career plan that is fulfilling and economically full of promise. New Beginnings Support Program gives women hope and an incentive to move from just ‘existing’ to living a full and productive life. New Beginnings Support Program is not a quick-fix program, it is a long-term solution that focuses on supporting women through various stages of development, training and individualized support.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to facilitate the well-rounded development of an empowered and skilled woman who will make a positive and impactful difference in her own life, her children’s lives and her community.

We help improve the lives of those in need and help them to succeed. We help empower the women to become self-confident, career-oriented, and employable.  We provide an opportunity for low-income women to become self-confident, career-oriented, and employable. This is accomplished through a long-term solution that focuses on supporting women through various stages of development, ranging from personalized support, life improvement, health and financial wellness, mental health and wellbeing, a post-secondary certificate at Humber College and a paid ‘on-the-job’ internship.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to work alongside individuals and leading corporations to eliminate the barriers that prevent women from reaching their full personal, social and economic potential.

As her independence grows and she sees her life not of just surviving but thriving she is ready to reflect, reenergize and embark on a courageous journey to transition out of poverty into self-sufficiency.

Our goal is to help women and children in need, succeed.

How We Make A Difference

New Beginnings Support Program respects each person’s individual potential and their capacity to grow, regardless of their circumstances. Our holistic program provides life coaching, education and training, and an ongoing support system.

Once enrolled, we work with each individual program participant and pair them with a certified life coach to help support and guide as the participant translates their goals into action.

Our programs include:

  • leadership skills
  • assistance with higher education path
  • interpersonal and life skills development
  • financial literacy and financial stability planning
  • Pre-employment preparation, career development and assistance with paid internships

Humber College Program

New Beginnings Support Program partners with Humber College to enhance program participants' digital literacy skills for the modern workforce.

Step Into Success Program

We focus on personal and professional development, teaching life skills including financial literacy, health and wellness, and self-empowerment.

Care Packages

Through Care Packages, we support them in overcoming financial constraints and transitioning to self-sufficiency.

Participants Criteria

  • Unemployed (not collecting EI); and 
  • Receiving OW, ODSP, Social Assistance (Child’s Aid, etc.) or residing in a shelter; and 
  • Must be lone woman or single mom
  • Must be a single-income household

Success Stories

New Beginnings Support Program is proud of the work we do and the lives we have changed. Our program participants all have one thing in common though – the resilience to not give up despite the challenge and traumas they have experienced.

They are committed to a better way of life and with their newfound confidence and practical knowledge and skills, women are able to walk away from poverty and despair; thus making a better life for themselves and their children.

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Board Of Directors

New Beginnings Support Program is expertly guided by workplace industry leaders with collectively 80 years experience skill leaders - our Board of Directors.

Staff and Trainers

Meet the exceptional individuals who make our program possible - our certified life coaches, educators, and program facilitators.