Who We Are

New Beginnings Support Program is a charitable agency that helps restructure the lives of low-income and underserved women. We have been instrumental in empowering women to become self-confident, career-oriented and employable. With their newfound confidence and practical knowledge and skills, women are able to walk away from poverty and despair, making a better life for themselves and their children. We understand the variety of barriers they face in order to successfully transition into self-sufficiency as we work diligently to eliminate those that prevent women from reaching their full personal, social and economic potential.

What We Do

Our approach is to provide adequate support mechanisms, so women and their children can successfully transition into self-sufficiency. New Beginnings offers a holistic approach to independence. Several components must come together to create a successful independent life. Our programs include but not limited to leadership and life-skills development, building self-confidence and self-worth. In addition to social, physical and emotional well-being development programs, we have included financial literacy and financial stability programs, educational and professional skills development.

New Beginnings is not a quick-fix program, it is a long-term solution that focuses on supporting women through various stages of development, training and individualized support.

We recognize that women who are seeking self-sufficiency will need more than just basic training in order to have lasting change. New Beginnings gives women hope and for the first time an incentive to want to move from just ‘existing’ to living a full and productive life. As skilled, well-rounded career-women they can look forward to becoming contributing members of society, as they will come to see their lives filled with potential and excitement.

How We Make a Difference

New Beginnings is founded on respect for each person’s individual potential and their capacity, no matter what their circumstances, to move forward with their lives with dignity and respect.

We work with each individual to help them find the right programs and support that will translate their goals into action. Our programs range from leadership skills, assistance with higher education path, interpersonal and life skills development to pre-employment preparation, career training, and job placement assistance.



  • Youth – 18 – 29
  • Adult – 30- 39

Although we will not turn women away if we can help them.

  • Must Be Unemployed
  • On Social Assistance or living in a shelter
  • Must-Have High School or GED equivalent
  • Legally able to work and go to school in Canada
  • Strong command of English Language (Level 7)
  • Computer Literacy a must

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Continuous learning is the key to success

Our Vision Our Mission
  • To be at the forefront of preparing, supporting and educating women to become truly self-sufficient. Decreasing the number of women who live below the poverty line, who live paycheck to paycheck and who are dependent on social assistance for survival.
  • To prepare participants to be genuinely ‘work-ready’ so that they have a career that is fulfilling and economically full of promise.
Helping women in need, succeed!