Success Stories

Making a Difference

New Beginnings Support Program is proud of the work we do and the lives we’ve changed.

Our women come from all walks of life, some have fallen on hard times due to the economy, others have suffered trauma, many are broken but now shattered. They all have one thing in common, the resilience to not give up, to do what is necessary to have a better life for themselves and their families. They are a committed group of women who are willing to do what it takes to become self-confident, self-sufficient, career-oriented and employable.

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Sumita (2011)
Sumita is a young lady with two young children ages 2 and 6. She came to us because she was currently receiving Ontario Works and was barely surviving. Her goal was to get a job in her field of social work and be able to take care of her children. One of her major problems was she required subsidized daycare so she would be able to attend our program as well as look diligently for employment. She tried, and was successful in her approval.

New Beginnings advocated on her behalf and she was recently approved.

You will be glad to hear that I had an appointment with them and got the subsidy for my daughter. Thank you very much for your kind support Denise. Thanks a lot for your kind cooperation.Sumita
Jeanette (2008)
JJeannette is one of our major success stories and we are very proud of her. She worked very hard and was committed to move forward and succeed. She was on the verge of being homeless when she came to us; she was referred by our Life & Career trainer Elizabeth Butler. Jeanette made it clear she wasn’t looking for a hand out just a helping hand to help her get back on her feet.

We were able to get her an internship at the corporate of office one of the leading Banks’ for 6 months. They were very pleased with her, and at the end of her internship we advocated on her behalf for an employment opportunity. She was first hired as a receptionist, in a few short months she was promoted to administrative assistant; she further progressed in the company and was promoted several times. She became an executive assistant to one of the V.P but she didn’t stop there Jeanette went back to school with the full support of the bank and became a leading product analyst.

She also met her husband while she was interning at Banks, and they are expecting their first child in 2012.

Jennifer (2007)
Jennifer was more difficult to assist because she had been on Ontario Works for a very long-time and was used to a routine. We were able to secure her an internship at the corporate office of one of the leading banks; we had to work extremely hard to keep her there and even harder to convince them to hire her. We didn’t give up on Jennifer and the corporate manager worked with Denise Whitter (Executive Director) to get her hired as a secretary. She is off welfare and she has been working for Bank for the past few years.
Betty & Jane (2006)
Betty & Jane came to us from Y.E.S. (Youth Employment Services); they had recently graduated from college and were unemployed. They didn’t want to go on welfare so they were applying to different programs to find a job. When they came to us they were eager to get started, since they already had training the only thing left for New Beginnings to assist them with was gainful employment. They were both looking for administrative positions, preferably in a law firm because they were interested in paralegal.

We worked with a law firm in our area and the two young ladies were hired. When we had our last follow-up in 2008, they were still both employed.

I was one of those women who, although not poverty-stricken, needed a helping hand to get my life organized and find meaningful employment during a difficult time in my life. I am happy to say that after completing my New Beginnings internship program, I have been hired full-time as an executive assistant, with great benefits. Thanks New Beginnings for giving me that wonderful opportunityJ.D.