Staff & Trainers

Our Team

It takes a lot of dedicated people to make what we do possible and we would like to introduce these incredible individuals that make the magic happen.

Denise Whitter – Executive Director

Executive Director of New Beginnings, has a BA from Ryerson University and received her certification in Support Program Facilitation from the Women’s Counselling, Referral & Education Centre. She has over 15 years of experience in the social service industry and has worked with numerous charitable organizations, including Youthlink Inner City and the Childhood Cancer Foundation – Candlelighters. She is dedicated and committed alongside her amazing staff, interns and volunteers to help improve the quality of life for women and children.

Trainers & Life Coaches

We could not do what we do without an amazing group of talented and experienced Transformational Trainers. Collectively they have over 30 years of experience in: Life & Career coaching, Mental and Physical health, Business Management and Vocational Counselling.

Karen Richards

“Let’s go on a journey from where you are NOW to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. I’m with you every step of the way.”  Karen Natasha

Karen Natasha was born and raised in London, England. Immersed in the corporate world for 20 years, she wore many hats in finance, marketing and event planning. But feelings of burnout and unfulfillment swept through Karen. She felt undervalued and overworked. She lacked direction in her life, without a support system to turn to.

Karen found herself at an eye-opening coaching session, where she gained understanding and a new-found excitement towards her next life chapter: helping others as a Certified Life and Career Coach who are searching to revamp their lives with success, guidance and direction. Now, Karen helps women navigate their lives on emotional, physical, mental, professional and spiritual levels. She has a special interest in Women going through a transition in their lives but supports each and every person. She is gaining new insights and training through iPEC, a world-class professional coach-training program backed by years of research and a successful track record. Karen is a certified coach working with clients located around the globe.

How Can Karen Help You?

Specializing in personal and business coaching, Karen supports women who need a positive change; perhaps they’re unsure of what that change looks or feels like. Perhaps they need to rediscover their purpose in life, feel empowered to change the trajectory of their life. Karen provides each person with a new sense of guidance and direction, helping each client steer towards bigger and better opportunities in their personal and professional lives.

Karen’s private coaching packages uniquely train leaders to live consciously, purposely and confidently. These services are designed to help you become the leader you were designed to be and take complete control of the world around them – right here, right now.

Andree Nicole – Certified Transformational Coach and Motivational Speaker

Andrée Nicole is a thought leader in Education, a business owner, the Author of five inspiring and motivational books, including the 3 most newest novels Conqu-herThoughts: I Got This Mountain, Conqu-her .

With 19 years of teaching experience coupled with a BA Honours, B.Ed. from York University, and a Masters in Education specializing in the area of Curriculum Social Justice & Cultural Studies from the University of Toronto, Andrée Nicole has spent the last decade engaging and empowering’ at promised youths. She is a certified life coach, community advocate and transformational speaker who is best known for addressing issues pertaining to The Unspoken Dialogue.

Andrée Nicole is the Founder and Executive Director of Conqu-her Mountains Moved Inc., Breast-ie Conqu-her Foundation Inc.; her Charity, Andree Nicole Inc, The Unspoken Dialogue Projects Inc. which uses media literacy as a platform to empower the youth, while addressing issues that pertain to cyber-bullying, violence, racism and body shaming within the various District School Boards. Her most recent not for profit is His Divine Blueprints…

Andrée Nicole remains to be a passionate woman of purpose who advocates for the needs of others within the community by educating, elevating and empowering her readers to know that they are premised on excellence, built to empower and created to inspire.

Andrée Nicole currently resides in the Durham region with her son and husband, and continues to enjoy providing the youth with the opportunity to do more than just thrive.

Jennifer van Amerom

Jennifer van Amerom is the CEO of Refine Management, a consulting firm that focuses on the two key assets of any organization – the people and the brand. Established in 2013, all Refine solutions integrate directly into any existing technology and software currently in the market.

Refine’s industry experts are certified specialists who provide recruitment, employee engagement, leadership and retention strategies, business transformation, and marketing services, including recruitment advertising and international media buying and planning.

Refine Management is a WEConnect certified diverse supplier, supporting international experienced professionals (IEP) into global opportunities. Their clients range from the most innovative start-ups to the top large enterprise organizations. They support business owners, executive leadership, marketing departments, and human resources.

Jennifer has over 16 years of experience in the recruitment industry, is a big community supporter with various not-for-profits, is a patient advocate for neuromyelitis optica, and raises a young family.

Find Jennifer at:
Twitter: @jvanamerom

Kristina Ejem – Boxing & Functional Nutritional Coach

Kristina graduated from the University of Guelph with a Marketing degree and is the founding partner of GJWB, and a featured Toronto fitness expert. With many roles in boxing and fitness over the past twenty years, Kristina is a Level 2 certified boxing coach and was the female provincial coach in 2017/2018. She is completing her functional nutrition certification to add that lens to her successful “Fight Weight” programs and continued mission to empower women through the real sport of boxing. Learning to box allows women and girls to fall in love with their power and become present in their bodies, understanding self-care = self-love.  Coach K teaches classes, workshops and seminars to encourage women to be their own health & fitness advocates.

Elizabeth Butler – EGB Coaching

Elizabeth Payea-Butler is a highly skilled Master Trainer of NLP with a Specialty in DHE, certified by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP and inventor of DHE. As the founder of NLP Possibilities with DHE Elizabeth has successfully assisted clients to accomplish their wishes, dreams, and goals since 1993.

Currently Elizabeth facilitates learning through NLP™ seminars and workshops to help individuals of all ages and companies realize their personal and professional goals. Elizabeth has also been profiled as an expert on television programs like: Style By Jury, Positive Living TV, and Global News.