New Beginnings is proud of the work we do and
the lives we've changed.

Past Participants' Success Stories

“New Beginnings was my lifeline. I believe they saved my life.
I have been a part of other agencies that could not help me with
my various challenges. New Beginnings assisted with legal,
immigration and housing issues. They encouraged me to keep
moving when I felt like giving up. I am happy to report that I am
no longer in a shelter and I am currently working to further
my education while working part-time.” -Wosen A

“I was one of those women who, although not poverty-stricken,
needed a helping hand to get my life organized and find meaningful
employment during a difficult time in my life. I am happy to say that
after completing my New Beginnings internship program, I have been
hired full-time as an executive assistant, with great benefits.
Thanks New Beginnings for giving me that wonderful opportunity.” -J.D.

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Our women come from all walks of life, some have fallen on hard times due to the economy, others have suffered
trauma, and many are broken but now shattered. They all have one thing in common, and that is what it takes
to have a better life for themselves and their families. They are a committed group of women who are willing to do
what it takes to become self-confident, self-sufficient, career-oriented and employable.

Lifestyle Transformation

One of our components for our empowerment program is our career
& personal makeover series. “First impressions are lasting Impressions”,
therefore we assist our participants to look the part by transforming
their exteriors to match the transformation happening on the inside.
They receive: style advice, new business attire outfit, haircut & style,
personal grooming. Along with that, they also receive etiquette and
grooming workshops, and we encourage women to look their best
while they are working on feeling their best. They learn how important
it is to present yourself as a professional, confident woman; especially
when they are going for a job interview. It is exciting because it is
usually the first time they are able to experience this process and
feel great about themselves after it is complete. They were crying
as they looked into the mirror, they couldn’t believe how great they
looked or that it was even possible.


"Many thanks for your initiatives for transforming individual’s lives. I do really appreciate your ideas towards changing
individuals living style. I am really happy after my hair cut and all of these since I joined in your program. I am looking
forward to changing my living style to what I desire with your support." -Rehana

"Thanks for your concern, dedication, efforts and everything that you are doing. You are doing a great job; I never met
anyone like you before." -Sakina

"Thanks a lot for your support... I was really feeling good about the recent professional makeover. Really I love that,
it gave me a strong belief in myself for a new look for my skin." -Rahima