New Beginnings Support Program is a charitable agency
that helps restructure the lives of low-income and
underserved women. We have been instrumental in
empowering women to become self-confident,
career-oriented and employable. With their
newfound confidence and practical knowledge
and skills, women are able to walk away from
poverty and despair, making a better life for
themselves and their children.

We understand the variety of barriers they face in
order to successful transition into self-sufficiency
and we work diligently to eliminate those that
prevent women from reaching their full personal,
social and economic potential.

What We Do

Our approach is to provide adequate support mechanisms,
so women and their children can successfully transition into
self-sufficiency. New Beginnings offers a holistic approach to
independence. Several components must come together to
create a successful independent life. We support and address
every aspect of a woman’s life to help them reach their full
potential. Our programs include but not limited to: leadership
and life-skills development in addition to social, physical and
emotional well-being; we also offer financial literacy programs,
educational and professional skills development.

New Beginnings believes that just having a job is not enough;
that it is vital to develop the whole person. The result is not just
a ‘quick fix’ solution but a long lasting change.

We recognize that women who are seeking self-sufficiency will need more
than just basic training in order to have lasting change. New Beginnings
gives women hope and for the first time an incentive to want to move
from just ‘existing’ to living a full and productive life. As skilled, well-rounded
career-women they can look forward to becoming contributing members of
society, they will come to see their lives filled with potential and excitement.

How we make a difference

The women who we serve receive interconnected and interrelated cost-effective solutions to increase their chances for success. The women also have access to a range of specialized services. This can include personal counseling, daycare, abuse support groups and stress management. These additional supports aid to further eliminate the barriers to self-sufficiency.

After completing our program, some of our graduates go on to pursue higher education. Other graduates have established careers as administrative assistants, paralegal receptionists, dental technicians, information specialists, product analysts, to name a few.

Continuous learning is the key to success.

Helping women in need, succeed!