Stepping Into Success (S.I.S.)

Empower Me – Process

The program includes identifying their skills and abilities what they need to improve and discovering the barriers that hold them back from achieving their desired goal. It is an interactive program that delves into dealing with and successfully improving self-worth, self- esteem, reducing self-doubt, making wise decisions, assertiveness, business etiquette, job search techniques, labour market research and most important setting achievable goals and action planning.

The end result each participants will have an action plan detailing the steps they will need to take to achieve their goals.

This program is about preparing for life situations.

Making Your Life Work

You can create your own destiny through hard work, persistence and support. This is a program focusing on taking control of your life and creating your own program focusing on taking control of your life and creating your own path to success. The program uses the strength of a supportive group setting to help participants identify problems and to take action.

Roundtable discussions includes but not limited to, letting go of the past, forgiveness, sharing experiences, learning empathy for others, developing new skills, commonality, developing new coping skills and interpreting experiences to positively benefit you, women supporting women, and understanding diversity.

Our program is a full year commitment that allows women to transform their lives becoming more confident, career-oriented and employable thus creating better lives for themselves, their children and their communities.

Program Info