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Hospitality Operations Management Certificate 2017 Program

New Beginnings has partnered with George Brown College through their Community Partnerships Initiative Department to develop a customized program to give our women the essential skills they need to meet the demand of the growing tourism and hospitality industry in Toronto and build sustainable careers.

Our women face barriers to entry in traditional higher education and employment, and this program presents a viable route to build on the holistic life-skills and career path development to move them to self-sufficiency. They develop self-worth, confidence, resilience, and the ability to resolve conflict in their social life, and within the work place environment that will increase their chances for long-term success. New Beginnings core programming and follow up for a year including George Brown’s career training makes the women to be more marketable in this competitive job market.

This customized program will help participants navigate the educational system, get essential skills training and receive a certificate upon completion. The capstone to the program is a paid work-placement to give participants essential on-the-job experience, grow their networks, and transition permanently out of poverty.

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Course Descriptions

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Student Contact Hours
HOST 1042 Leadership & Group Dynamics 42 hours (3 hrs. per week x 14 weeks)
HOST 1033 Service Excellence 42 hours (3 hrs. per week x 14 weeks)
HOST 1043 Special Event Planning and Delivery 42 hours (3 hrs. per week x 14 weeks)
HOST 1146 First Aid & Heartsaver CPR 8 hours (8 hrs. x 1 day)

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Student Contact Hours
HOSF 1095 Front Office Operations 56 hours (4 hrs. per week x 14 weeks)
HRM 2012 Human Resources Management 42 hours (3 hrs. per week x 14 weeks)
HOST 1043 Hotel Sales, Marketing and Social Media 42 hours (3 hrs. per week x 14 weeks)
HOST 1126 Career Externship Preparation 14 hours (2 hrs. x 7 weeks)

Semester 3

On The Job Training Corporation Internship 40 Hours (12 weeks)
Paid Internship – Wage to be discussed

Here you will gain invaluable experience in the business world preparing you for full-time employment.

HOST 1042 – Leadership & Group Dynamics

A cornerstone of an organization’s success is the effective leadership of its employees. Our Leadership and Group Dynamics course provides you with an understanding of the various concepts and styles of leadership, the differences between leading and managing, and the leadership skills necessary for success in hospitality. Learn and practice effective communication skills, conflict resolution skills, negotiation and problem-solving skills, networking and leading through economic uncertainty. Take the opportunity to assess your current leadership style, skills and behaviours then develop an action plan for your future leadership goals.

HOST 1033 – Service Excellence

This course provides CHCA Management Students with the basic principles involved in delivering superior guest service. Service is critical in today’s International and competitive environment. A customer has many different choices when selecting a hotel, an attraction, leisure/tourism destination or restaurant. The level of diversified service received will influence their choice to return to a given venue or recommend that venue to others. This course includes cultural and team based learning applications and also the necessity and skills of anticipating guests’ needs.

HOST 1043 – Special Event Planning & Delivery

This course will introduce students to the meetings, expositions, events and conventions (MEEC) industry and its associations to the tourism industry. The course is focused on providing students with an understanding of the multidimensionality and effects of the MEEC industry in relation to tourism at both a local/domestic and international levels. It will focus on the key players and stakeholders in the MEEC industry, as well as on the elements and factors needed to plan and manage successful meetings and events. Our Special Event Planning and Delivery course equips students with the guidelines and procedures necessary for coordinating, executing and evaluating a special event. Acquire the skills needed at each stage in the co-ordination of an event in the hospitality sector – from idea conception to event implementation.

HOST 1146 – First Aid & Heartsaver CPR

This course provides students with emergency first aid and Heartsaver CPR principles and practices in foodservice operations. The course is based on standards and regulations from The Canadian Red Cross and The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario which are both internationally recognized and meet the requirements of the Workers’ Safety Insurance Board.

HOSF 1095 – Front Office Operations

Front office and guest services are the focal point of the hotel’s guest experience. This course explores the complexities of managing a Front Office Department from financial, procedural and technological perspectives. Students will utilize industry software to further understand how to respond to the needs of the guest in a hotel. Students will learn how to enhance the customer experience by providing seamless service delivery.

HRM 2012 – Human Resources Management

The effective management of human resources (i.e. employees) plays a vital role in the success of hospitality and tourism operations around the globe. This course examines the strategic role of human resource management internationally and its importance in the daily operations of an organization. Emphasis is placed on global human resources practices that are important to the success of industry supervisors and managers. Such practices include: workforce planning, recruitment, selection, training, employee relations, and retention. Students are also introduced to employment legislation, workplace diversity and health and safety. Human resource management practices in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces are explored.

HOST 1043 – Hotel Sales, Marketing & Social Media

This course will investigate the strategic nature of marketing and its core components known as the marketing mix tools and how these tools are the foundation to creating a successful sales environment within a hotel business. Students will learn about the sales process and the techniques required to be an effective sales professional. In addition, the digital channels of communication such as social media platforms will be reviewed and discussed as viable support mediums to both marketing and selling a hotel.

HOST 1126 – Career Externship Preparation

Based on direct industry feedback, this course focuses on developing communication and workplace skills necessary for a successful career in the hospitality and tourism industry and will help prepare students for their externship placements. Emphasis is placed on using good networking and job search skills, business etiquette, building a portfolio that includes an excellent resume and practicing professional interview techniques. Interacting with the Externship/Recruitment and Career Support Office and the Career Services Office, students will obtain valuable resources and gain increased confidence in their ability to enter into the world of hospitality/customer service employment.


Our Goal

At the end of the Hospitality Operations Management Program clients will enter into a 3-4 month paid internship with one of our corporate partners to gain industry experience in a variety of different business fields. As our courses are specifically constructed to teach the core transferable skills with a focus on customer service and management clients can enjoy employment in various areas ranging from: Hospitality, Customer Service, Retail, Marketing, Event Management, Office Assistant, just to name a few.

Once the internship process is complete and the employer is satisfied with the performance of the client full or part-time employment can be possible; the employer can also receive and a financial incentive for the hire.


Our Partners

Some of our partners to date are: TD Bank Group, EY, OLG and McDonalds’s; we look forward to adding more in the coming months. Together we can help raise people of out poverty, improving their quality of life and increase economic development of the community at large.