Humber College

Business Office Technology Certificate Program – 2019

New Beginnings has partnered with Humber College through their professional and continuing education Department to develop a customized program to give our women the essential skills they need to meet the demand of the growing business technology industry in Toronto and build sustainable careers.

Our women face barriers to entry in traditional higher education and employment, and this program presents a viable route to build on the holistic life-skills and career path development to move them to self-sufficiency. They develop self-worth, confidence, resilience, and the ability to resolve conflict in their social life, and within the work place environment that will increase their chances for long-term success. New Beginnings core programming and follow up for a year including Humber College’s career training makes the women to be more marketable in this competitive job market.

This customized program will help participants navigate the educational system, get essential skills training and receive a certificate upon completion. The capstone to the program is a paid work-placement to give participants essential on-the-job experience, grow their networks, and transition permanently out of poverty.
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Course Descriptions

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Student Contact Hours
MKTG 111 Introduction to Marketing (2 hrs. & 40 mins. per week x 14 weeks)
WRIT 100 Effective Business Writing (2 hrs. & 40 mins per week x 14 weeks)
BISM 100 PC Essentials (2 hrs. & 40 mins per week x 14 weeks)

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Student Contact Hours
BMGT 100 Introduction to Business (2 hrs. & 40 mins. per week x 14 weeks)
BISM 200 Business Computer Applications (2 hrs. & 40 mins. per week x 14 weeks)
SMED 002 Social Media Advertising (2 hrs. & 40 mins. per week x 14 weeks)

Semester 3

On The Job Training Corporation Internship 40 Hours (12 weeks)
Paid Internship – Wage to be discussed

Here you will gain invaluable experience in the business world preparing you for full-time employment.

MKTG 111 – Introduction To Marketing

This course is a building block to understanding how businesses go to market. It delves into how businesses use consumer insights, analyze the market and strengthen their offerings by crafting competitive marketing programs that drive business success.

WRIT 100 – Effective Business Writing

This course is designed to significantly improve the business writing skills of individuals entering or currently in the workforce. Students learn how to select and organize their ideas clearly, precisely, and effectively in various written formats.

BISM 100 – PC Essentials

This course will enable students to apply Microsoft Office software skills in order to create everyday business and academic documents, by following a detailed critical path with set deadlines and project planning of effort needed to address this.

BMGT 100 – Introduction To Business

Introduction to Business offers a foundational level of many learning outcomes that will lead to proficiency in senior courses as the student progresses throughout their program. In addition, students will develop important study and self-management skills that will be beneficial as they advance through senior level courses and into future employment opportunities.

BISM 200 – Business Computer Applications

Microsoft Excel is probably the most powerful application in the business world and gaining advance knowledge of it, is imperative to student’s success completing a diploma in business studies. This course will help student learn to organize, calculate and evaluate quantitative data and perform the most advanced calculations and data analysis using real life scenarios.

SMED 002 – Social Media Advertising

Social media algorithms make it difficult for advertisers to get their message seen without using paid ads. Learn social media advertising fundamentals to meet your business goals by building measurable social campaigns with the most popular platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. In this hands-on, interactive course, you will learn how to create and optimize successful campaigns that will resonate with your audience.


Our Goal

At the end of the Business Office Technology Certificate Program, clients will enter into a 3-4 month paid internship with one of our corporate partners to gain industry experience in a variety of different business fields. As our courses are specifically constructed to teach the core transferable skills with a focus on customer service and management clients can enjoy employment in various areas ranging from: Business Management, Customer Service, Retail, Marketing, Event Management, Office Administrative, just to name a few.

Once the internship process is complete and the employer is satisfied with the performance of the client full or part-time employment can be possible; the employer can also receive and a financial incentive for the hire.


Our Partners

Some of our partners to date are: TD Bank Group, EY, RBC, and Manulife; we look forward to adding more in the coming months. Together we can help raise people of out poverty, improving their quality of life and increase economic development of the community at large.