If you want to compete successfully in this
global economy, you have to be better than
the best. You must know who you are and
what your strengths are. You must know your
industry. You must be prepared to work
smarter, not harder.

Food For thought

Are you ready to present yourself to potential
employers? Do you know how to present and
captivate your perspective employer during a
job interview? Can you answer tough questions
under scrutiny? Do you look the part? What does
your handshake say about you? Do you know
what it means to "walk the talk

Employment Supports

1. Pre-Employment Preparation:

  • Interactive Job interview training.
  • Learning how to write a winning resume & cover letter.
  • Learn trick of the trade to help you stand out.
  • Mediation, conflict resolution and stress management.
  • Interpersonal and coping skills necessary to effectively communicate in the workplace;
    learning how to be a team player and become effective problem-solver.
  • Business etiquette/code of conduct in the workplace
  • Job industry research and more…

2. Job Placement Assistance:

  • Development of a job search plan and job search skills.
  • Assisting with networking opportunities to increase circle of influence and job prospects.
  • Liaison between participant and employer.

3. Job Coaching:

  • Assistance with developing the work skills necessary to function independently in a competitive environment.
  • Introduction to a job coach and specialized training methods to improve work performance and meet the requirements.
  • Assistance is provided at various steps in Employment/Career Action Process to ensure successful progression to employment or higher education.
  • Coordinate referrals to community agencies and/or schools.